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The bee is dubbed " winged pharmacists " , the extraction and purification of bee ..

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Perfume Vanilla Lip Balm

Price: 51,000 vnđ

Promotion: 41,000 vnđ

Code: SO01

Pure Honey Dong Nai 120ml

Price: 37,000 vnđ

Promotion: 23,000 vnđ

Code: MONC1

Pure Honey Dong Nai 250ml

Price: 69,000 vnđ

Promotion: 56,000 vnđ

Code: MONC2

Pure Honey Dong Nai 350ml

Price: 95,000 vnđ

Promotion: 76,000 vnđ

Code: MONC3

Pure Honey Dong Nai 380ml

Price: 105,000 vnđ

Promotion: 74,000 vnđ

Code: MONC4

Pure Honey Dong Nai 500ml

Price: 135,000 vnđ

Promotion: 108,000 vnđ

Code: MONC5

Pure Honey Dong Nai 800ml

Price: 161,000 vnđ

Promotion: 129,000 vnđ

Code: MONC6

Pure Honey Dong Nai 2300ml

Price: 410,000 vnđ

Promotion: 328,000 vnđ

Code: MONC7

Natural Pollen Dong Nai 220 gram

Price: 139.000 vnđ

Promotion: 111,000 vnđ

Code: PHTT1

Honey Turmeric Gold Dong Nai 150g

Price: 44,000 vnđ

Promotion: 35,000 vnđ

Code: 3

Honey Turmeric Black Dong Nai150g

Price: 44,000 vnđ

Promotion: 35,000 vnđ

Code: 1

Honey Turmeric Gold Dong Nai230g...

Price: 81,000 vnđ

Promotion: 65,000 vnđ

Code: MONV4



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